About us

"With a view towards preserving our common future for all, Eolectric develops, acquires, and operates renewable energy projects with a respect for human, environmental, and economic issues."


A pioneer in Canada’s wind energy industry since 1994, Eolectric specializes in the development, financing, construction, and operation of renewable energy projects in North America.

Eolectric, together with its partners, has developed more than 700 MW of operational wind farms, and holds a portfolio of renewable energy projects representing almost 2000 MW. In addition to project development, Eolectric manages the Club Eolectric, L.P. investment fund, as well as the 100 MW Vents du Kempt wind farm.

Proud of its mission, Eolectric holds itself to high standards with regard to sustainable development and social acceptability. This has allowed the company to carry out its projects with the greatest possible respect for host communities.

Eolectric’s team comprises high-level professionals from every area of expertise that is essential to the development and management of renewable energy projects. The team’s expertise is recognized in the industry through its involvement in different companies and in various fields, including private power generation, public-private partnership infrastructure investments, engineering consulting, and Crown corporations – all closely linked with the field of renewable energy.

Eolectric is a private company, fully owned by its founder and other private investors from the Quebec business community. With shareholders who are involved in and dedicated to the company’s mission, Eolectric enjoys great flexibility in making deals with its various partners.


Sustainable development

With climatic changes attributable to atmospheric pollution affecting our planet’s ecosystems, Eolectric is proud to work for the well-being of future generations by developing clean energy projects in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Eolectric takes all necessary measures to ensure the harmonious social integration of its projects, to minimize environmental impacts, and to maximize benefits to local economies.


Integrity is one of Eolectric’s core values that guides the company’s business practices. Eolectric is unwilling to compromise its integrity for the purposes of achieving financial or other objectives. This culture of integrity is reflected in the Eolectric’s team, which holds itself to high ethical standards and demonstrates ethical behavior in its dealings.


Eolectric implements best business practices with the goal of promoting social acceptability. Transparency, trust, involvement, respect, and attention are the principles that anchor the company’s relationships with host communities. All phases of the company’s projects are thus undertaken with great sensitivity and in collaboration with local communities, from the initial set-up through the completion of the project.

Long-term relationships

Eolectric prefers establishing long-term partnerships and relationships. Whether in the form of business partnerships or through privileged relationships with investors, host communities, consultants, and subcontractors, these relationships are fundamental to the success of the company’s projects. In all cases, the relationships are formed and developed in line with the complementary strengths of each partner.