Véronik Bonneville-Pesant

Veronik Bonneville-Pesant

Vice-President, Legal Affairs

Véronik Bonneville-Pesant is Vice-President, Legal Affairs at Eolectric.

As such, she participates in the negotiation of the corporation’s strategic partnerships and leads the drafting of all related agreements.

Furthermore, she acts as corporate secretary and is responsible for the coordination of all legal support required by the team members in the conduct of daily business ventures, including project development, from inception through operation.

More recently, Véronik Bonneville-Pesant has played a key role in the negotiation and the drafting of the agreements related to the creation of Eolectric Club, L.P., a private investment fund in wind energy, in the non-recourse financing of the Vents du Kempt wind farm and in the acquisition of an important financial stake in the L’Érable wind farm.

Prior to joining Eolectric’s team, she practised law for nearly ten years with a large Montreal full-service firm, focusing on the fields of business transactions, commercial and corporate law and competition law, specializing in mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate reorganizations.

She also represented clients involved in venture capital financings. She participated in the negotiation and execution of large-scale transactions involving national and international businesses and institutions. A graduate in law from the Université de Montréal and member of the Québec Bar, Véronik Bonneville-Pesant puts her rigour, experience, practical spirit and professionalism in the service of the company for more than 6 years.