Fubin Yang

Fubin Yang

Financial analyst

Fubin is responsible for building and updating financial models to evaluate the profitability of future and present investment projects. He monitors macroeconomic indices such as market indicators, inflation, foreign exchange and government policies related to the renewable energy industry. His work has a direct influence over investment decisions made by the executive team, with whom he works closely.

Prior to joining Eolectric, Fubin worked for three years for Ford Motor Company in the procurement department and as supply chain cost manager for the Asian and African markets. He controlled approximately $90M in annual purchasing turnover and maintained long-term relationship with over 25 suppliers across the region. He was also responsible for building optimal cost estimate models to identify cost savings opportunities, ranging from manufacturing, operating to administration cost.

Fubin also worked for BMO financial group, where he assessed credit risk of retail lending products, optimized customer segmentation and recommended improvements to credit approval processes. He built statistic analysis models on SAS/SQL to evaluate the effectiveness of existing automated credit strategies.

Fubin holds a master degree in aeronautical engineering from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and an MBA with awards from McGill University.